Sunday, March 20, 2011

A Funny Thing Happened With Technology (pt1)

Here is the first part of the assignment ( I thought too far into it and made it into a podcast) so here is the basic MP3

A Funny Thing Happened With Technology

A funny thing happened while using technology a few years ago.

Here is the clip:

I created this sound file with Audacity, then I uploaded to podbean and then embeded it with the code to here.

CEP812 Video Introduction

Below is a video that I created as an introduction for my CEP812 Course at MSU.

Saturday, March 5, 2011

CEP 811 Final Reflections

It's been a quick eight weeks and I'm just about done with my CEP 811 class at MSU. Now I'm 2/3 of the way done with the Certificate portion of the Education technology program. If my math is right, I have 27 more credits to go and I'll have my masters. Or maybe it's 30, either way, I'll be a lot happier this time next year when I only have 4 classes to go.

Here's my final reflection on this class.

What are some things that you have learned about effective teaching strategies when integrating technology?

One very important think that I learned about teaching effectively with technology is that you need to create resources that can be used as if you were teaching face to face. This means that you need to provide students with all of the information and help that they will need. Another way of explaining this is "breaking down barriers in learning"

How did integrating web-based technologies help you think about and evaluate uses of technology?

I think that using some web based technologies in this course helped me realize their effectiveness in the classroom. I began using Google Sites to create a class webpage and many of my students have found it to be a very useful classroom resource. I have also integrated a Google Calendar for my class (learned in CEP 810) and I have been able to help many of my co-workers use this same resource.

How have you met your own personal goals for learning about technology integration?
Do you have any new goals?

I have continued my goal of learning new programs that I can use in my classroom. I want to continue to find new technologies that I can use in my class to help students learn. An additional goal is to find a way to have students collaborate online. I have the means for their collaboration, but I need to find the right lessons, and motivation for them to spend time out of school thinking about school.

What are your plans for reaching your new goals and your long-term goals after this course is over?

As long as I am in this Masters program, I will continue my goal of learning about new technologies and learning strategies. After this program is over though, I will continue to utilize resources that I have learned about in this course that will help me in my classroom. Resources such as MCAUL Space, MERLOT and other websites that I have found will help me reach these long term goals of gaining further knowledge.