Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Wicked Problem Project

Below is the completed version of my Wicked Problem Project jing. Enjoy!

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Group Leadership Project

For the last few weeks, I've been working with some scholarly educators from around the world. One group member is just over an hour from me in Michigan, and one is literally a world way in Bengladesh. Though a variety of conferencing tools, we've met multiple times to create a great tutorial on Google Docs, something that every teacher needs to use in their classroom.

Here is a link to the video and some information about it.

Using Google Docs

What tool did your group use to deliver the PD tutorial?

There were a few different programs that we thought about using to create our final video. We ended up settling on iMovie, a program standard on Apple computers. At first we were not sure what program to use, but Reaz was very familiar with iMovie. One of the things that we were looking for was a program that would allow you to create long video, which ruled out Jing. Jing, even the pro version will only let you create a 5 minute version. After creating our MP3 narration in Audacity, Reaz put the narrative into iMovie, and we have our finished product.

What did you learn during the development process of the final product?

I learned a lot when I created this product, not only on video production, but on other uses of Google Docs that I didn't know about. There are some great tools that I was not aware of, like Google Drawing and Google Wave. Even though we didn't end up using Google Wave as part of our final presentation, I learned a lot about that collaborative tool and some of it's uses.

What would you do differently if you had to develop a similar product again?

If I were to develop a similar product, I would try to structure better group meetings. Our group ran into many problems trying to meet. One part of this problem was our hectic schedule, and the other problem was the time difference. Suzy and I were able to find times outside of our workday when we could meet, but linking up with Reaz proved more difficult because of the time difference. Because of this, communicating though Gmail was easier than video conferencing because we were able to collaborate at times that worked for all of us. In doing this again, I would use the same software that we did before in our creation with the exception of iMovie. I have a PC, and I would probably end up using Windows Movie Maker, which I've had success using in the past.